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An Ounce of Prevention

I am often asked about my recommendations on brushes, toothpastes, whitening products and cleaning frequencies. I decided to address these oral health basics.

While any brush with proper technique can get the job done, I hands down recommend Sonicare as it is excellent at plaque removal as well as stain removal. Unless you have specific condition, like sensitivity or gingivitis, I would use toothpaste like Colgate Total which addresses both gum and enamel health.

Do not waste your money on whitening toothpastes as they will NEVER whiten your teeth. Significant whitening that will last can only be accomplished by professional formula application.

As a general rule, I recommend that night routine should take about 5 minutes, brushing, flossing and using waterpik. That is the key to having healthy gums and cavity free teeth!

As far as frequency of cleanings, every patient is different. It depends on eating/drinking/smoking habits as well as enamel porosity and good home care routine. If there is one single advice that I can give on this topic, it’s that cleaning every 3-4 months will keep most patients smiles healthy and bright. This is especially true for those on daily medications and in active orthodontic treatment.

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