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What You Should Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants are becoming the mainstream tooth replacement treatment.  There are several very important decisions one must make in order to have long term success. Remember: implants are a permanent tooth replacement and ideally should last forever…

While cost is always a factor, it should NEVER be a determining factor in implant treatment. Improperly placed, poorly integrated and poor quality implants are very costly to treat!  There are thousands of dental implant companies and thousands of dentists placing implants...  Not all of them are the same!

Implant specialists are Periodontists - they undergo double training and education and mainly treat bone and gum diseases and place implants.  These specialists typically place thousands of implants a year and use top reliable implant brands with lifetime support and worldwide customer service. They are by far the best choice for implant placement, because both appearance and function of the implant will be ideal.
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