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Advancements in dental technology  offers you modern solutions to traditional dental problems. The driving force behind technological advances is a desire to provide you with leading edge dental treatment that can be performed in a more efficient, effective, comfortable manner. New technologies are developed with a focus on creating products and developing techniques that   help prevent, diagnose and/or treat dental conditions and diseases early and effectively.

Digital Radiography

Digital RadiographyOur office only uses digital radiography. The digital images instantly appear on the screen and can be e-mailed and archived as necessary. In addition to the reduced radiation and increased patient comfort, the resulting images are also clearer and allow us to detect smaller lesions that may not be visible on film. Images can be colorized, magnified, brightened and/or darkened as necessary, which is also beneficial to help educate the patient about what is going on in his or her mouth.
sota-2Schick’s Panoramic digital imaging technology provides sharp, clear,  precise two-dimensional image of the entire mouth, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, surrounding structures and tissues in only 19 seconds with 90% less radiation.

It features 8 different imaging modes and 3 laser alignment beams for optimal exposures while its superior vertical travel allows it to be used easily and accurately with patients of any height, including those in wheelchairs.

Intra-Oral Camera

Clinical 090The Intra-Oral Camera allows the patient and the dentist to look deep into the mouth and observe the teeth at a very close angle. This wand-like camera transfers images to a television and can see so close to a tooth that it can show mini fractures, chips, secondary decay, wear down of the teeth, damaged and broken fillings and crowns and even gum disease. The Intra-Oral Camera is a wonderful educational tool for patients so they can learn about their mouths to help them on their journey to overall dental wellness.


sota-4The VELscope is a revolutionary hand-held device that provides the dentist with an easy-to-use mucosal examination system for the early detection of abnormal tissue. It is based on the direct visualization of tissue fluorescence and the changes in fluorescence that occur when abnormalities are present.

The VELscope emits a safe blue light into the oral cavity, and the dentist is able to differentiate between healthy tissue and pre-cancerous tissue. This examination is recommended for ALL patients over the age of 18, since it allows us to catch pre-cancerous lesions before they become cancerous and cause catastrophic damage to the patient.


laserLasers offer reduced discomfort and in some cases, a suture free option for the treatment of benign tumors, cold sores, crown lengthening, decay removal, gummy smile changes, dental fillings, tongue tie and speech impediment improvements, nerve regeneration for damaged nerves and blood vessels and scars. Lasers may also be applied in the treatment of select dental conditions such as sleep apnea, certain cases of TMD and tooth sensitivity.  Lasers use light energy as their method of operation, resulting in a shortened and almost painless healing period.


cerecThe CEREC 3D system is comprised of a CEREC Acquisition Unit, CEREC 3D software and a CEREC Milling Unit. The Acquisition Unit houses a medical-grade computer and CEREC camera; this unit takes a picture of your prepared tooth and creates a 3D model of it, which we use to design the restoration on screen.The Milling Unit creates the porcelain dental filling, dental crown or dental veneer. We choose a block of ceramic that resembles your natural tooth color and then place that ceramic block into the milling unit. The milling unit creates the restoration based on the design  just made on the Acquisition Unit, eliminating the need to take messy impressions or send work out to a lab. In just one dental visit, your tooth filling, dental crown or dental veneers will be complete.


lumibriteThe LUMIBRITE Chairside Whitening System is ideal for fast, effective and gentle whitening with minimal sensitivity. When combined with the Sapphire Supreme Plasma Arc Curing and Whitening Light, the system is clinically proven to whiten teeth in  an hour without the use of harmful UV rays.

Easy Shade VITA Easyshade® Compact

The exact color in the blink of an eye. Allows us to blend our dentistry seamlessly.

Drufomat Scan Pressure Machine

drufomatDrufomat Scan Pressure Machine is used to fabricate top-quality removable dental appliances such as bleaching trays, nightguards, sports mouthguards, retainers and more.

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