Meet Our Team

Dr. George Gounakis, DMD


Dr Gounakis specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease (gum recession and bone infection/loss ), and in the placement of dental Implants,utilizing sedation for pain control and anxiety management. There is also a cosmetic aspect to periodontal treatment,which deals with esthetic and functional enhancement of patient’s smile. Conditions like gummy smile, exposed roots (long teeth), uneven teeth,teeth that are too short. Dr Gounakis utilizes wide array of techniques including laser to provide most conservative and comfortable experience for the patient.

Denisse Baretto, RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

Denisse is associate professor at local hygiene program. She is our oral-systemic expert and works tirelessly with our most challenging periodontal patients to achieve best results without surgery.

Erika Alejo, RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

Erika has been part of Dedicated Dental team for twelve years. She is our wonderful hygienist and the reason we all have healthy gums and white teeth. Beloved by patients and staff alike, she is gentle yet thorough and always has your best interest at heart


Scheduling Coordinator

Ashley is intricate part of your Dedicated Dental experience. From first phone call to welcoming you when you walk in the front door, to arranging and scheduling your future treatment appointments and reminding you the kids are due for check up, she assists you every step of the way. She does everything in her power to help you achieve healthy beautiful smile you deserve.


Scheduling Coordinator

Vicki is our Scheduling Coordinator, who is always eager to welcome new or returning patients and make their visit pleasant. She prides herself on keeping our appointments on time, reminding patients of their upcoming visits or pending treatment.


Insurance Coordinator

Deidre is our Insurance Coordinator. She is dedicated to maximizing patient's insurance utilization while minimizing their out-of-pocket expense. Deidre enjoys clarifying insurance coverage for patients, so that they can better understand it.


Certified Dental Assistant

Erin has been working alongside Dr. Nudel and Dr. Gounakis since 2009. She is our Whitening Guru as well as Children’s prevention specialist. Always making our younger patients more comfortable,whether it be making them “glove” balloon,Disney music or holding their hand during treatment. She also takes great pride in educating kids on proper home care regimen. Erin is gentle and compassionate.


Certified Dental Assistant

Melissa is our Certified Dental Assistant. Melissa makes sure our patients are comfortable during treatment. Whether it is warm blanket, great tunes or heated neck pack she is well known to go above and beyond the call of duty for our patients, treating each one like family.


Laboratory Technician

JP is our laboratory technician. He is the artist who brings Doctor Nudel's design smiles to life! Our patients love having him chairside to characterize their porcelain, recontour their restorations or personalize their appliances same day.

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